About the Journal

Internasional Journal of Latin Notary is a periodical international journal that is published twice a year (March and September) and written in English andE-ISSN: 2746-6159.  Internasional Journal of Latin Notary is managed and published by Magister of Notary, Universitas Pasundan. Articles and research reports are written by academicians, researchers, or students who are expert on Law. Articles that are received by the editorial board will pass through the double-blind review process by External Reviewer. The articles that are considered appropriate to be published will be proceeding to the reviewing process. Articles that passed the reviewing process will be published online with the OJS system that can be accessed on our website and will be published in hardcopy too.

The profession of a notary in the form of civil law and its comparison to common law notary will be considered in this journal. The thesis here is there are two principal types of Notary. In common law, the notary is the writer's lawyer and legal adviser. Meanwhile in civil law notaries have more in common with the jurist-writer lawyer namely Latin Notary. Mankind has an instinctive desire to regulate human behavior and to record events and agreements.